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Rapidly scale programs and elevate customer experience.

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Standardize and expand programs across your community.

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Connect with customers to expand your business opportunities.

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Reduce building OpEx and increase occupancy, cap rates, and value.

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buildee enables utilities, implementers, portfolio owners, and partners to identify, prioritize, and realize energy efficiency investments and greenhouse gas reductions throughout the building lifecycle.

“The buildee platform offers something very powerful and very exciting to the industry.”

- Principal Engineer, Utility Implementer

We see buildee as a catalyst to enable more service providers and program implementers to identify and drive energy efficiency projects.

- Utility Program Director

“We cut a 3-week process down to 25 minutes with buildee.”

- Commercial Buildings Manager, major Midwest utility

buildee has been instrumental in creating specialized dashboards and auto-generated building member reports for the Detroit 2030 District and has seamlessly integrated District, Building, and Utility data.

We would highly recommend the buildee team to any District looking for a great partner.”

- Connie Lilley, Executive Director - Detroit 2030 District

The buildee platform is uniquely positioned to play a key role in data collection, management and analysis of our city’s municipal buildings, as well as in the commercial sector.

- Director, Building Performance Organization

It’s like giving a doctor an MRI machine…the buildee platform gives us deeper diagnostics that can provide life-saving financial results for a landlord or corporate occupier.

- Head of Technical Operations, Commercial Real Estate Company

buildee is at the core of effective building energy management, from benchmarking and asset management to planning and measurement & verification of our energy efficiency projects.

- Director, Building Retrofit Company

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